Susie has a deep love and affinity for growing and appreciating the beauty of flowers, both from her garden in Edinburgh and her travels around the world and this is expressed in her sumptuous, large, brightly colored canvases bursting with the joy of blooms of all varieties from intricate roses and peonies, to hydrangeas and daisies.  They are frequently given an added atmosphere and quality by the addition of gold and silver leaf which emphasise an understanding and sympathy of the fragility of her subjects.

Apart from growing private collections in Britain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, The Philippines and Qatar, Susie has been involved in several private design projects leading to numerous commissions.

Susie Capaldi grew up in the green, rolling countryside of South West Scotland, surrounded by nature on the family farm.  She followed her love of horses and worked on the continent for a World and Olympic show jumping champion before settling back in Edinburgh and attaining a degree in Business Studies. This led onto various positions in TV and banking where she met her husband and together they raised their two children. Shortly after the millennium the family extended their horizons to Dubai.


I have followed Susie Capaldi's progress for some years and watched her style evolve into the current bold and confident handling of vibrant flowers.  From the start, she has always has a lively awareness of colour and light and she can now fill a room with her powerful floral images.  You cannot walk past a Susie Capaldi painting without stopping and examining the depth and texture of her work.  Even the brightest room benefits from her masterful handling of roses, lilies, peonies and many other attractive blooms.

Anthony Harris
Former British Ambassador to the U.A.E.

It is with great pleasure that I pen these few words about Susie, who I have had the great pleasure of knowing for the last ten years.

Her husband Joe, a friend and trusted Financial Advisor, introduced us socially, and it soon became apparent that I had a met a gifted artist and wonderful person..

At the time I had moved into a brand new and modern apartment in Dubai, U.A.E., with many bare walls. I recall Susie, who came over for cocktails with Joe, remarked with her artists eye;“ Mark – you do like the color sand – everything is sooo…..neutral !  You need color !”

With that challenging remark, I asked if Susie, who I knew was a gifted artist, would like to be commissioned and create the “color” she had in mind to lift my apartment from “ ..the desert sands …” that her eye had , correctly, perceived.

We agreed a budget and I asked Susie to surprise me – quite a bold step for this conservative, early 50’s man – on first meeting too !

Susie looked at the books I had on my coffee table, family photos, asked about my children and my interests – and I could see her artistic mind was clicking fast as she “inspected the premises“ – quite literally, her blank canvas.

Fast forward eight weeks later, and the great day arrived for the delivery of Susie’s four master pieces - of which I had no idea what would greet my eye upon unwrapping the protective covers .

I could sense Susie’s mixed feelings of both pride & satisfaction with her creations, but balanced,  by her concern about what this client and friend / business associate of her husband would say upon revealing “..all..”  .

Susie need not have been concerned, as I was absolutely thrilled when the four oil paintings were unwrapped ! Bright, colorful and each one had cleverly picked up various interests of mine. Namely :

  • The classical fruit bowl - for the breakfast room.
  • A French countryside villa, surrounded by a gloriously peaceful garden of colourful flowers - for the bedroom.
  • An artistic rendition of a wooden boat, lying on its side with a city backdrop which incorporated a Gothic style church.
  • An artistic country village scene - the latter two being complimentary works were both for the living room.
Susie had captured the following themes from her earlier observations of my home and interest, during our first meeting in my home:
  • Love of fruit
  • The sea and boats
  • My sons's life as a Canterbury Cathedral Chorister
  • Country life

Mark Randall


I am absolutely thrilled to receive the beautiful painting of lilies which you gave me on my birthday.
It makes it even more special to know that Susie is the Artist.
I love everything about it.  Lilies, as you know, are my favorite flower and you have painted them brilliantly .  The colours you have used are perfect - vibrant and gorgeous.
Many, many thanks for this amazing gift.  I shall treasure it always.
Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated.

United Kingdom